Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More car stitching

More stitching ADD here...after finishing Maja's adorable "Tulips with Bunny" freebie, I felt the need to have more bunnies around the house.  They do multiply, after all!  So this is my new travel project.  It is from the Vanessa-Ann "Holidays in Cross-Stitch - 1995" book, and is called simply "Bunny Sampler."  The only yellow fabric my LNS had in stock when I was there last was 22-ct., so I'm doing it over one.  WHY didn't I remember that I hate over-one?!?  But it is cute, and dainty (the bunny will be backstitched when it is done -- I know right now the white floss on yellow fabric doesn't photograph so well).

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