Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Freebies worth sharing

(Not that there are freebies NOT worth sharing...but I was especially smitten by a few of these!)

The Snowflower Diaries - Some really cute designs!  I've already started the "Tulips with Bunny" pattern.  Of course I had to swap most of the flosses, since I don't have any of the Nina's Threads hand-dyeds and have no more stash budget to order any, but I was able to come pretty close (I think!) with my collection of Six-Strand Sweets.  (tangent: it amazing how long I've had those SSS threads.  I won them years ago, from The Gift of Stitching...and I think now both TGOS AND Six-Strand Sweets are no more.)  I'll share a pic when I'm done!

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Carol said...

Love them Erin, thanks!