Friday, December 07, 2012

More color dilemmas

I stayed home from work yesterday - stupid sore throat, I sound terrible although I FEEL pretty much okay - and between naps I took Pine Tree Hill out of my hoop.  Here's hoping my LNS re-opens soon so I can pick up some CC Roasted Chestnut floss!  (Also hoping the new owners keep stocking stitching supplies...I've heard rumors that they are considering becoming exclusively a quilt shop.  Booo.)

So I started Brightneedle's "Winter's Night" design, which uses Kreinik Silk Mori floss.  The pattern calls for R & R's "Sparrow" linen, which I do not have on hand (and again with the "no LNS" issue).  I DID have a piece of Lakeside Linen's Vintage Limited linen, and I thought - from looking at the picture - that it would be pretty close.  Having put in a few different colors, now I'm not so sure.  I've already swapped out the color used for the letters - instead of the Mori I'm using an orangey skein of premium HDF.  Sigh.  I hate it when pattern pictures don't seem to match up with the actual materials used.  Now I have to decide whether to frog it all out and pick totally new colors, or try to find a better fabric and start it over on that using the provided silks.  I'll try to get a picture this weekend, and maybe you all can help me decide...

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Shebafudge said...

Hi, I am way behind on blog reading so have only just read your plea! I have a little Roasted Chestnut if you still need it. Email me sharonjstevens at msn dot com if you would like it :)