Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday (non)Happenings and a Final WIPocalypse Update

Christmas with a toddler is exciting...and exhausting!  Gift-opening on Christmas morning literally took hours.  The Wee One had to play with everything as it was opened...and she kept going back to a certain gift over and over.  :)
This is the handmade castle I got for her from a wonderful Etsy seller.  The little princesses I painted myself!  My husband asked why there were no princes...well, mostly it was because I couldn't find the peg blanks without the "skirt" shape (they do make them, but none of the local craft stores had any in stock).  But as I told him, who needs boys, anyway?!?!?  LOL

In keeping with the "making little people" theme (NO, I'm not pregnant), here is another creation of mine - an angel made of an old wooden spool, a bead, and assorted craft scraps from my stash.  A friend and I did an ornament exchange, and this is what I sent.

And as for stitching, there has been a bit of progress made.  I've had the last 3 days of this week to myself, since daycare is open and the Wee One has been getting a bit cabin-crazy.  Plus, this is kind of my Christmas gift to MYSELF - there aren't many days during the year where I am not either at my 9-5 job or caring for my child.  So I won't feel guilty about having 3 days or so out of 365 to sit on my butt and relax (or sleep in and then do laundry, as the case may be)!
Anyway, here is my last WIPocalypse update, featuring "Labyrinth."  Still not finished.
 Of all the projects I listed in my ambitious focus list at the beginning of 2012, only 2 are completed - the tea towel for my mother and the Cross-Eyed Cricket "Melville" piece.  But I do think I've done pretty well making progress, and while I did start - and finish! - several small pieces, I managed to avoid starting any more large projects.  You can see all my progress/accomplishments on the "WIPocalypse" page tab.

Finally, my latest small - Just Nan's "Tiffany" Glorious Wings kit.  It is stitching up more quickly than I anticipated!  As I mentioned previously, I also have "Gypsy Rose" in my stash (the pattern only, but it is charted for DMC, Kreinik, and Mill Hill, so with the exception of the wee butterfly charm, I think I can do a proper recreation).  I think I might consider sending these to Jill Rensel to be framed as a set for Wee One when they are finished...


Kathy A. said...

What fun - her own castle with princesses and all!
I love your little spool angel. I think she is such a cutie.
I bet Jill would do a fabulous job of framing these special.
Happy 2013!!

Jennifer M. said...

What a cute castle set she got for Christmas. I bet she had a ball with that.

Lovely progress on your stitching too. :)


Silverlotus said...

I think a princess-only castle is wonderful. I know I would have loved one when I was little (I wouldn't mind one right now, either. ;) )

Your stitching looks great. The angel is especially pretty.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the Just Nan fairy. Lucky little one getting a Jill Rensel piece!

Erin said...

What a sweet castle. And well done, Mom, making the princesses yourself!!

Maureen said...

What a lovely castle. I am sure she has been having great fun with it. I hope you enjoyed your days off. I loved it when my kids were at nursery and I could sneak a day off. Make the most of it cause once they start school they have so much time off all your leave and more will go covering that!