Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Busybusybusy, no pics

Summer is setting in, and although I work at a college (where you'd think summer wouldn't be a very busy time!), life has been hectic of late.  We've had family visiting, various work responsibilities & conferences, home projects to contemplate...

So I'll be back with my WIPocalypse pictures later, maybe.  I also bobbined the box of Sullivan's floss that I won at Celebration (I wasn't going to, but I received the box covered in double-stick  tape that was used to keep the package from slipping, and it sticks to EVERYTHING.  Yuck!).  Plus, my dad won a giant box of old floss at an auction and gave it to me a week or 2 ago, so I've had that to bobbin, too.  Tons of JP Coats, Anchor, and Lily flosses, with no conversion key that I can find for some of them.  Fun!

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