Saturday, May 26, 2012


There was a package in my mailbox yesterday, and it was from Kathy!  She sent me Just Nan's "Summer Stroll" pattern which she had just finished stitching, AND she included one of her lovely aprons!!!  The green apron with the blue rooster is now hanging in my kitchen.  Thank you so much, dear!  (Now I need to get cracking on making an apron for my daughter!  I have part of one "cut out"/salvaged from a old shirt of mine...)

Also, I've decided that I might need to put Melville aside for a bit.  The owners of my daughter's daycare are selling the business (we met the new owners last week, they seem perfectly nice, and all the teachers are staying, so the day-to-day operation probably won't change much at all), and I'd like to stitch something for them.  Miss Carolyn and Mr. Jerry - as the kids call them - are such sweet people.  I was having trouble deciding between "Plant Love," a Lizzie Kate design from The Gift of Stitching, and "Bloom," an older freebie from Country Cottage Needleworks.  And then I had a thought!!  I could do "Plant Love" as one of my infamous drawstring bags, and then make "Bloom" into a little potpourri pillow to slip inside!  Because Carolyn and Jerry HAVE planted a lot of love, and it is wonderful to watch it bloom in the children.


Kathy A. said...

You are most welcome my friend.

Daffycat said...

Oh ~ how nice to receive such a great RAK from Kathy!