Sunday, April 01, 2012

An impromptu baby project

So, a chatboard friend recently had a baby, and I decided that for once I was going to not only stitch a baby gift, I was going to do so in a timely fashion!  I used one of Marnic Designs' "Mother and Child" mini freebies, and I'm going to finish it as a cube.  (Pics will be coming soon.)  The thing is, there is an older sister, too....and I was going to stitch a little tote bag for her (she's 3).  But I'm HATING working with waste canvas.  <:(  So, would be bad form to give up on the stitched gift for Big Sis and just buy her a little book or something??


Cole said...

I think it's ok not to stitch for the Big Sis... It's wonderful that you're remembering to include her period, a book is a wonderful gift for anyone!

I've passed a blog award on to you. Please visit my last post for the details :)

C in DC said...

Don't worry about stitching for Big Sis, or do something with felt applique where you only need to blanket stitch around the design. A book is also a great idea.