Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On (not) Seeing Red

Having made some more progress on the Mom's Tearoom towel (bleh, icky aida, but I need to get it done), I decided to reward myself by joining another exchange round over at HOE - the Valentine's/Heart Exchange.  And last night as I was scanning my freebies and other stash, I was struck by just how little red floss I have!  Of course I have DMC red shades, but I was hoping to find a pretty HDF or other dyed fiber...hmph.  I'm not in a position to buy stash right now, either, so I guess I'll have to make do with DMC.  Or maybe pink....  :)

I've requested time off for Celebration of Needlework this year, and I've been watching for the class list to come out.  Some things started appearing on the website yesterday, but I haven't seen anything I'm crazy about yet.  I'm curious about Jeannette Douglas' "Island of Hope" pieces, but there are no pictures yet, and her classes tend toward the expensive side.  Hmph.

Finally, I've been seeing a lot of Blackbird Designs' "Anniversaries of the Heart" samplers finished lately, and I'm getting more and more intrigued over the whole idea - commemorating bits of family history and all that.  But then I think about 1) the cost of all those patterns, 2) my existing gigantic stash, and 3) my inability to decide what to include and where, and manage to talk myself out of it.  For now.  Ack.


Mouse said...

ohhhh dear hope you find a nice thread colour of red / pink you want to use and I've got the start of those patterns and like you are waiting for those pennies a) to help me buy the rest and the threads too etc and b) the what to do to personalise them as well.. love mouse xxxx

Kathy A. said...

Oh no - not enough reds in your stash!!!! Thank heaven for pink.
I know how you feel. My gianormous pile of stash is yelling at me too.

katica said...

hope you are able to find a nice red in your stash... if its just DMC I really like DMC 815 the best

I'm in the same boat as you with the anniversaries... I just love seeing all the finishes and I'm leaning towards doing them myself, but before I actually hit the buy button something always stops me, and like you only for now... I will probably succumb sooner or later! :O)