Monday, March 07, 2011

March SBQ: Lucky enough to be Irish

Do you have a favorite Irish or Celtic stitched piece? If you don't, what about a piece that represents your heritage? Or maybe a family tree style sampler? Think about it, then tell us the story of your piece and show us your photos, if you have them.
I actually am Irish, and I rather obsessively collect Irish-themed patterns...however, I haven't stitched many of them for myself. This is Joan Elliot's "Celtic Blessing," which was a wedding gift for some friends. I also stitched up a little drawstring bag with a Celtic heart design for my brother-in-law's wedding (they didn't have a ring bearer, and the best man needed a way to carry the rings in keeping with his medieval attire!). While I love the finished products, sometimes the interminable twists and turns of Celtic knotwork make me a little crazy. I do, however, plan to finish something for myself someday - maybe either Rosewood Manor's "Good Night" or Sunflower Seed's "Irish Toast." (Oh, and that's the other thing -- when it comes to Irish/Celtic pieces, I prefer the ones with bits of Irish wit on them. We Irish are born smart a**es. LOL)
As for other heritage or family tree-style pieces...nope, I've not done anything like that, other than wedding and birth samplers.

Today was - I hope! - the last snow day of the season. We woke up to a little over a foot of snow, with wind-blown drifts all over. My work was closed, but DH still had to go in. So we took turns shoveling, and when it was done he took the Wee One to daycare. I spent the day napping, watching movies, and stitching. I started a piece for the latest addition to the family, I think I'll make either a drawstring bag or a little pillow out of Charland Designs' "Basket of Hearts" freebie (you can find it on The Silver Needle's freebie page). I felt a little guilty, not keeping my daughter home with me...but at the same time, we pay for daycare 5 days a week, and even Mommy needs a little time completely to herself now and then! I still haven't figured out if I can afford to go to Celebration, but THIS I could afford.


Lee said...

It's beautiful Erin!

Felicity said...

Simpy gorgeous! I really like Joan Elliott's style