Sunday, February 27, 2011

Progress and a bit of "whine"

First, the's the Dark Sorceress. Yay, the skirt is done! No more blue!!! I actually took her off the scrolls for a while. I need a break! And before I left for Job #2 today, I got all set to go on Cross-Eyed Cricket's The Voyage Home. I've had this pattern in my stash for some time now, and even bought the WDW Aqua floss needed. I treated myself to the fabric after Christmas, at my LNS's pre-inventory sale. So I decided it was time to dive in!

All of which brings me to my whining/ranting session. I'm tired of working 2 jobs. And I'm especially tired of working 2 jobs just to pay the bills -- it would be a bit different if the paltry amount I make at Job #2 was for stash, or going to Celebrations of Needlework, or a family vacation, or something like that. But no, DH and I BOTH work 2 jobs to pay the mortgage, the utilities, and the daycare, and put moderately healthy food on the table. Sigh. Which leads to the second part of my rant -- I've been selling a bit of stash and a few pieces of finished stitching on eBay, saving for a little stash-treat now and then. And it hasn't been going too badly...I have about $20 in my PayPal account right now. However, someone bid on one of my finished pieces and never paid. Grrrr. I HATE deadbeat bidders!!! Even stranger, she's paid for lots of other things, evidently very quickly. So why did she decide to stiff ME???? Wahhhhhh.

Anyway. Spring is coming, hopefully that will improve my mood!

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Kathy A. said...

I think I would contact the person who stiffed you. If she has paid before perhaps it has just slipped her mind.
Hang in there girl. It does get better.