Thursday, February 17, 2011

The immortality of craft supplies

After making the little lighthouse ornament for Kathy (see post below), I started thinking about my craft stash. Not just the patterns, fabrics, and flosses, but the assorted bits and bobs I've purchased over the years. And I started to wonder.....will they ever be truly GONE???

Let's consider a little pack of seashells. I bought them when I was looking for a replacement for a beach ball button, part of my "By the Sea" exchange project. I bought a ridiculously large bag - because that was all the craft store had, and dadgummit, they were cheap! - and used exactly ONE on my stitched piece. Then I thought, "hmmm, I will make a scissor fob, too!" Of course, I had to go out and buy a few more beads for that endeavor. And again, there were more beads than I could use in the package I purchased. So, at this point I've purchased a bag of shells, a bag of beads, and used exactly 2 shells and a handful of the beads.

When I made Kathy's ornament, I was rooting about in my bead box and found the shells. "Ah-ha!" I said. "I can use these to make some fun trim!" And again I shell. A few beads. And the stash lives on.

I'm sure in the years ahead, I'll find more uses for tiny seashells and blue/green bead findings. But if I don't? Will some other crafter buy my leftovers at a yard sale/thrift shop/estate auction, and consider themselves quite lucky to have found such wonderful doo-dads? Will THEY be able to use all of it? Or will they, too, end up passing a few seashells on??

(I also have a "giant" tub of white crystal bugle beads. A tube of black seed beads. Random Mill Hill beads of which I didn't use the entire pack.)


libwitch said...

no, because there is secretly a little group of gnomes that comes around at night and replenishes your supplies at night with random things!

Kathy A. said...

Too funny! I think I have a few things around here that I could add to that stash. Shall I go see? LOL

Cathy said...

Over the years I have found myself diving into my craft supply to get just the needed thing to help my children do a project for school. I am sure there will still be plenty left for me, grandchildren and to be sold off at a garage sale.