Saturday, November 06, 2010

November SBQ

I'm working a 12-9pm shift at the college library today - ugh. But I do enjoy the extra paychecks (*coughcoughstashmoneycoughcough*), so I will endure....

On the stitching front, I think I'm close to finished with the final square of my woodland-themed Neighborhood RR. It currently has a cabin from an LHN pattern, some trees, and a swan in a pond from a Prairie Schooler design. I'm debating adding a stone path, and maybe another little critter or 2.

Since I'm not allowed to stitch here at the libray, and I don't have any new pictures to share, I figure I'll take this time to answer Lee's November SBQ.
Tell us about a time that you were especially thankful for your ability to do needlework. Try not to answer in generalities, but rather try to answer with a specific time, event, or happening that made you very thankful that you could stitch. For instance, maybe your needlework got you through a difficult time. Maybe your needlework made a happy time even happier. Or perhaps your talent and skill created a wonderful situation. You get the idea.
I began stitching when I was in high school, then abandoned it for many years. But when I started my first job out of grad school, at the ripe old age of 25, I learned that a couple of my new co-workers stitched at lunchtime. I dragged an unfinished castle piece (a Dimensions kit, I think) out of a box, brought it in, and spent several lovely lunch breaks working on it and bonding with those ladies. Looking back, it was especially nice because I was the "young 'un" in that situation, and they were a bit distrustful of the "new" ideas I might have and changes I might try to make to their routines. Stitching bridged that wonderfully.
I can't say that stitching has helped me through a difficult time emotionally, although I have stitched through 2 miscarriages and 1 successful pregnancy. I've also stitched while planning my wedding, and planning an out-of-state move/relocation! While I don't depend on stitching to maintain my sanity, it is nice to set aside a little bit of time each even to stitch and not think about other possibly bothersome things.
And Lee's last question, about a "wonderful situation" -- oh yes. My long-time readers may remember that I adore the Renaissance Faire scene, and if I could afford it (and still have health insurance) I'd love to be a real "Rennie." I have many dear friends on the Faire circuit, even if we only see each other once a year or so. And one friend, through some really awful circumstances, ended up as the guardian of her grandchildren, ages 2 and 4, several years ago. The 2 year-old was turning 3 during the run of my "home" faire - Great Lakes Medieval Faire. And I had a lovely fairy that I'd stitched and didn't know what to do I surprised her (and Grandma!) with it at the Faire. It was so special to me, knowing that I'd made a little girl's day brighter and moved a kind of stressed-out grandma to tears - the good kind, of course.

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Lee said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! And even with a little one, you and your husband may get time for a nice getaway weekend, so your opportunity to go back to a B&B may not be all that far into the future!