Friday, October 08, 2010

October SBQ and other ramblings

From Lee:
Where do you fall in the birth order of your family? Do you think that birth order traits have had an effect on your choice of hobby and craft? How so?
Well, I'm the oldest daughter...but I don't know how much stock I put in the whole "birth order" argument. Granted, I AM an over-acheiver and a perfectionist, characteristics which are often assigned to first-borns. But how much of that is due to my position as eldest daughter, and what about the influences of my resourceful, crafty mother? And developing juvenile diabetes at age 4 certainly fed my control-freakiness and perfectionism, too. So anyway. Like Lee said, I think my upbringing had as much, if not more, to do with my personality and hobby choices than my birth order....but my birth order (first) certainly affected the way my parents raised me! How very chicken-egg. LOL

That said, I now have an eldest/only daughter of my own....and I'd be so tickled if she someday wants to learn about needlework from me. (Now that I've said that, I'm sure she'll want to play with her dad and his electronic gizmos all the livelong day.)

In other news, I've evidently by having some stash cravings (which, strangely enough, means my body is pretty much "back to normal" clockwork, I start hunting for stashy goodness when that time of the month rolls around! LOL). Over the past week or 2, I've picked up a few things from sales at various shops. My new favorite is Lucia's Flying Needle - link on the left - shipping is reasonably priced and QUICK! I ordered a skein of Thread Gatherer silk for Dreams of Stitches' "Zella's Garden," and 2 of the Mill Hill charms the pattern calls for, plus a few little things from her sale pages. I didn't spend very much, really, and it was nice to get a bit of fun mail...

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