Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Wedding Weekend

Well, my cousin's wedding was beautiful (and the Monkey behaved wonderfully, too!). I seem to have given up on the wedding stitching....ah well, I suppose that is what happens when you add a little person to the mix. :) Heck, I still haven't finished my own sister's wedding sampler, and she got married in January!

In exchange-related news, I received a lovely floss tag and spooky Halloween scissor fob from BeckyK in the mail Saturday! There was a mistake or 2 in the address that must have thrown the postman for a loop, but it finally arrived safely. Phew! And I'm so glad, because it was a wonderful exchange. Unfortunately, I don't have a pic right now because I misplaced my camera at the wedding....check out Becky's blog, though, I see she posted a pic there. Thanks again, Becky!

I'm quite proud of myself right now -- not only have I been strong and resisted buying anything from the Online Needlework Show (ended Sunday), I haven't even gone stash-diving for a new project. After last week's finishes, I pulled out my neglected neighborhood RR and went back to work on that pesky last square. With any luck, it could be done before the end of the month.

And someone asked about the sheep in the pattern below - I believe he is facing left, and that is supposed to be a string/leash of some kind around his neck. It IS hard to tell, especially without any eyes.... LOL

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