Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally feeling creative again

About the framing....I think I'm close to making a decision. I emailed Jill again today with a request to see one or two more options (basically rearranging elements of the previous ones, nothing major), but I haven't heard back yet. And I'm not going to tell you all the final decision, you'll just have to be surprised!!

After putting in a few stitches on a couple different WIPs, I was overcome by the urge to start something new. hehehe I'm totally blaming HOE, since I signed up for the upcoming "For the Birds" exchange and stumbled upon something tempting while hunting for bird patterns in my stash of old magazines. I found a small sampler with a ship on it, the Dominion Sampler, in a back issue of Just Cross Stitch. Right now I'm in the process of changing the verse ("May He have dominion from sea to sea") to a line from Pirates of the Caribbean, and changing the traditional crown at the top of the alphabet section to a skull and crossbones. DH asked me what I'd call it....I told him the "what-Elizabeth-Swann-did-while-waiting-for-her-hottie-husband-to-return-from-his-10-years-at-the-helm-of-the-Flying-Dutchman" sampler.

He just rolled his eyes.

But someone still thinks I'm funny!!!


Lesleyanne said...

Can't wait to see what you've chosen for the framing.

Kathy A. said...

What a great baby photo! It made me smile!
I love the pink and two shades of green matting.
Look forward to your choice.