Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Did you know gnomes are lucky, too?!?

I think the gnomes are smiling upon me after my last little project. When DH's coworkers saw my work (which they loved, BTW), one of them remembered that she had a "big bag of embroidery stuff" left after her mother passed away last year. Yesterday DH dropped a gallon Zip-Loc bag full of floss in my stitching chair! I spent the better part of the evening turning tangled floss stuffed into Floss-Away bags into this: 38 neatly wrapped bobbins!! I don't have an immediate need for any of these colors, but hey, free stash!! Plus I can use the Floss-Away bags for my *ahem* growing collection of silks.

And now for the monthly review.
June recap:
1) Work on baby gift. Yes - somewhat briefly, but yes.
2) Finish "Happiness Is" sampler. Yes!
3) Work on "Valse de Fleurs." Yes, and surprisingly, I'm having a good time with all the specialty stitches...
5) Collect ideas for sister's wedding piece. Yep, in a folder on the desk in front me as I type.
6) Delivering Fleurs (finish?). Yes, it was finished!
Plus the gnomes, of course!

July goals:
1) Get back to "Labyrinth."
2) Continue with "Valse de Fleurs."
3) Work on the baby gift (finish, maybe?).
4) Enjoy some small, fun project(s) for myself!!!


Kathy A. said...

In your case, the gnomes were indeed lucky. Enjoy your new floss.
Great progress with your goals this past month!

Cindy F. said...

I'm sure the mother is smiling from above know her floss has gone to someone who appreciates it:)
Great job on your goals last month!!

Sara said...

Very cool, enjoy your new stash!

Karen said...

There's something about neatly wrapped bobbins that I love. I just don't get the same buzz from floss in Floss-Away bags, even though I've been using them now for several years. Your stash looks yummy! Enjoy!

Zoe said...

Very good job on your goals! I love getting free stash! Just makes my day. I am sure you will find great use for the floss.