Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas in July, Part II

It has been a weekend filled with too much stitching and not enough housekeeping.....oh well. Here is what I started:

"Father Christmas" by Shepherd's Bush
stitched on 28-ct. natural linen using DMC floss

I also worked a bit on the fox cub baby gift (darned Stoney Creek and that annoying - yet beautiful - shading she uses). A quick run to Target resulted in another little goodie to add to my "By the Sea" exchange *blush*, and maybe tonight I'll get the sewing machine out for a bit....or maybe I'll play video games with DH. Ah, decisions. LOL


Melanie said...

Your "Father Christmas" is looking lovely! I can hardly wait to see it finished (no pressure - LOL!)!

CindyMae said...

That is always my excuse for not getting housework done, even though it is not entirely true! LOL I need a lot more stitching time. Anyway, beautiful new start and great progress!!

CindyMae said...

Oh ya . . and ... Please stop by my blog and see the July 17th post as there is something there for you!!