Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

And for those (like Hubby and I) who are not particularly religious, I hope you all had a good time beheading a few chocolate bunnies!

My stitching this week was "Delivering Fleurs." I've discovered that the photo on the pattern doesn't seem very true to the floss colors used, so I've made some substitutions (as usual, right?!?). Most obviously, I'm stitching the sheep using Carrie's Creations' "Polar Bear" instead of Crescent Colors "Ginger Snap." After putting in a few stitches with the Ginger Snap, I showed it to DH, and he said, "did somebody pee on your sheep???" LOL So that was a no-go!

Here is my progress so far.

I've also been doing some stash-purging, and listing things on eBay. Fingers crossed that at least a few things sell!


Brigitte said...

This is a nice project and a nice progress picture. I love all the Delivering ... designs.

CindyMae said...

Great new start! That is such a cute design and I can not wait until you have it all stitched up!!

Karen said...

That's really cute! We're not particularly religious either, and I can't eat chocolate--so Easter was just another ordinary day around here. We both worked anyway. We *did* get together for dinner with family the day before, though.

Brenda Lou said...

That's an adorable start :)

Zoe said...

Such a sweet start! It's amazing how helpful husband's advice on stitching can be :) lol

Mel said...

gotta love it when the DH can help! ;)
That sounds like something my BF would say.