Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wine & Cheese, Please!

Tonight I finished up Cathy's round robin square. For her neighborhood, she asked that we stitch something reminiscent of where we live. I had one square planned out back when all the group members announced their themes, but then we moved.... But I was able to come up with something that actually encorporates something found in both areas I've lived in over the past year - grapes!! Yes, both northwestern Pennsylvania (where I was before) and the Finger Lakes of New York (where I am now) are grape-growing regions. So here is Prairie Schooler's "Fox and Grapes, with a stone path added by me and a wall with wildflowers from an Eventide Designs pattern. The wall reminds me of my parents' driveway, where my father put in a stone wall and planted wildflowers all along it - they are beautiful in the summer!

(I added "state" to my location, only because so many times people think you are from the City when you say you live in New York.....)

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Cindy F. said...

GREAT RR square Erin! Beautiful!