Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mission Accomplished! (and November goals)

Woo-hoo for the October recap!
1) Finish Cathy's neighborhood. YES!
2) Start something "autumn-y." I'm feeling inspired by all the pretty colors on the hills around me! started and finished "Bugs & Hisses!"
3) Put in a few stitches on TW's "Regal Peacocks" (little magazine design, NOT the big Tapestry!) for TW October SAL over on The Wagon BB. Yes - and then I pitched the whole thing, because I'm tired of it and I don't think it will EVER get finished. Huzzah for stitching freedom!
4) Work on the Mermaids...? Yes.

November goals:
1) Ornaments!! (I have some moderately big plans that I can't share here...)
2) Mermaids - maybe.
3) Layout for the Me, Myself & I RR. I have a decent idea now....I think.....


Cindy F. said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Great accomplishments for Oct.!
I LOVE your "Huzzah for Stitching Freedom!" ...lol....that's great!

J Rae said...

Your RR piece turned out great! Love it!