Monday, October 06, 2008

Quickie Goals

September recap:
1) Finish "Butterfly Lace." Yes!
2) Work steadily on CEC's "Reading Sampler." worked on and finished!
3) Start an ornament or other small....either a Halloween or Christmas design? No. But I *did* start on Cathy's RR, so I think that counts...
4) IF - and only if! - the Reading Sampler gets finished, work on *gasp* the Mermaids. No. But I just finished the Reading Sampler late last week, so that's ok.

October goals:
1) Finish Cathy's neighborhood.
2) Start something "autumn-y." I'm feeling inspired by all the pretty colors on the hills around me!
3) Put in a few stitches on TW's "Regal Peacocks" (little magazine design, NOT the big Tapestry!) for TW October SAL over on The Wagon BB.
4) Work on the Mermaids...?

In addition to finishing the Reading Sampler, I also worked on Cathy's neighborhood square over the weekend. I have pictures, and will share them in my next post....I just forgot to download them from my camera last night....

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