Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yep, still here.

I know, it has been ages since I posted...I'm sorry. I'm still trying to find a "groove" in the new job/new house/new town, and I'm not really having much luck. *sigh* I think what I miss most of all is my gym -- at the old place, I was less than 5 minutes from a great YMCA with a pool, treadmills, classes, friends. Here, the closest facility like that is almost 20 miles away. Of course, if I wanted to work out at 6 am before work, or immediately after work, it wouldn't be so bad. But I'm used to working out after dinner -- it's when I'm best able to balance my insulin/blood sugar needs with exercise. I guess I'll have to suck it up and adapt, right? Especially since it will soon be getting too dark for me to jog on the road after dinner (what I've been doing since I got here).

Since working out is proving so troublesome, I've retreated into my stitching. That has to stop soon, though, as I sometimes swear I can feel my butt getting larger beneath me as I stitch.... Anyway. Here are 2 pics of my progress on the Reading Sampler. I wasn't thrilled with the accuracy of the color in either of them, so I'll share both!This first one was taken in natural light - although there is no sun today.

And this one was taken with my camera on the "underwater" setting. I think the fabric color is somewhere between the two...closer to the warmer brown of the second pic, though. And maybe part of the problem with the look of the lettering is the size -- the whole thing is about 15 inches wide, and Blogger keeps shrinking my image to standard sizes. Oh well.

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