Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exchanges and RRs, oh my

Monday I received my package from the Fantasy Exchange - woo-hoo! Eileen sent me a lovely biscornu, an ornament kit, and 2 of the prettiest hand-dyed flosses.The pattern she used for the biscornu is Ia! Ia! by One Star's Light. I guess it is supposed to be Cthulu...but I'm not a Lovecraft reader/fan, so I'm a little unfamiliar there. This geeky librarian knows OF such things, but not much ABOUT them. But I still think it is lovely! And the flosses are WDW's "Father's Day" and Dinky Dyes' limited edition "Summer Heat." Hmm, now what to use them for.....

I also finished up my portion of Annemarie's Neighborhood. I hope she likes it! In addition to my little gypsy wagon, I added a willow tree, a robin, some butterflies, and a little bunny. I worked really hard to make this mean something, and I think it came out pretty well. Here is a picture of the whole thing, so you can see how my little bit works into the whole:It was kind of an odd space I had to work with, but because I knew what I wanted to stitch would fit there pretty well, I figured I'd take that stress off the stitchers who follow me!

In other news, I had what I think was a good interview last Friday at a community college about 3 hours away. If I'm offered the position (and I accept it), we'll obviously be moving. That's part of why I was working so quickly on Annemarie's piece -- I wanted to get it ready to mail ASAP. Ugh, I hate upheaval. Oh, and I followed my interview by making an appearance at my 10th college reunion (also in the area), where I got disgustingly drunk. What can I say, I was suddenly 20 again....surrounded by all the people who were a bad influence on me then.....Ah well. At least I could crash in a dorm room, and didn't have to drive anywhere!

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Anonymous said...

What a great way to fill an awkward space on Annemarie's RR. Bet she's thrilled!!
Good luck with the job hunting... ;o)