Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEE!

Today marks the beginning of my 33rd year on this planet....I celebrated birthday #32 yesterday. It was a pretty low-key affair, since The Husband had to work late. I actually had a bagel and yogurt for dinner and then went to the gym! hehehe When I came home, there was bag of chocolate-covered pretzels on the counter, along with a box of Junior Mints and a funny card. Ah, he knows me so well. (And don't worry, the pretzels and mints will last a looooong time! But they ARE favorites of mine.) With him working so much and trying to finish up his master's program, I know he doesn't have a lot to spend on silly things like birthdays, so what he did was especially sweet.

Oh, and my mother got me Ginghers!!! They arrived in the mail yesterday, and it was a lovely suprise. Now I have a matching set of embroidery snips and dressmaker's shears. *drool* (Too bad I don't make dresses?!?!?!?)

I haven't really stitched that much this week. I HAVE spent entirely too much time browsing around at the Online Needlework Show, though, and have found several things I want.... Oh, and I've got Katrina's RR square laid out and ready to stitch. I don't have ANY charts by the designers she recommended (not sure why, as I've always thought Little House Needleworks had some cute patterns!), but I combined some floral motifs from a Homespun Elegance pattern with a house I found in a sampler book I have, and I think it came out quite well. And I'm using the threads she supplied, so the colors blend nicely with what has already been stitched. Maybe I'll have a pic this weekend sometime!


Medieval Needle said...

Happy birthday!!!

And the shears are great for cutting your embroidery fabric as well. And great for finishing work too.

Suz said...

Holy carp, I had no idea you were 4 *days* younger than me. Amazing.

Have a GREAT one!

I agree with Melanie - shears are awesome for cutting your stitching fabric.

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Yum! Junior Mints! They are the best. And those Gingher dressmakers are absolutely invaluable for cutting stitching fabric and finishing -- sure other scissors will do, but your Ginghers will make it so much easier :) and more fun!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday!