Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lions, Lambs, March Goals

Isn't winter over yet?? Monday - March 3 - was an absolutely lovely, muddy spring day here. Temps in the 60s, so I took the dog out for a nice long romp/sniff around the neighborhood. We had a wonderful time, racing around the gloriously muddy soccer field together, and I came home with mud in my hair (blame years of running track...I have an obscenely high "kick" when I run). Today there is about a half an inch of ice on everything, covered by another inch or 2 of snow. *sigh* Last night I wasn't walking the dog anywhere!! I hooked her to her run when it was potty-time, and she just about killed herself sliding down the back steps. Eeek.

Well, it looks like I'm overdue with my monthly goals....
February recap:
1) Work on Mermaids. Yes.
2) Work on the chickadee wreath. Yes.
3) Neighborhood Round Robin...... Haven't received anything to work on yet.
4) See what else is languishing in the WIP bin -- possibly "rescue" something! Not so much...although I DID start and finish a few small projects, they weren't from the WIP bin.

March Goals:
1) Work on wedding sampler - finish if possible.
2) Neighborhood RR (?).
3) WIPs -- mermaids or chickadee, whatever calls the loudest!
4) Start something fun for me, maybe an ornament or something.

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