Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is it my birthday yet??

Because there are a few new charts out that I W.A.N.T. *sigh*
1) First, I want to get the last 2 "Crabby All Year" charts from Raise the Roof -- July thru September and October thru December. (They're not "new," but hey, since I'm making a list....!! LOL)
2) Just like I blamed Dani for my purchase of MOTDB, I'm also going to blame her for making me want the latest Lizzie*Kate series. hehehe
3) And finally, the latest object of my lust....."Good Night" by Rosewood Manor.
The verse is so pretty....I have another Rosewood Manor design in my stash, a little sampler about happiness. I really like the sentiments Karen charts! And I can dream about someday having a house with an actual guest room in which to hang it.....


Carol said...

Oh Erin - I don't blame you! Good Night is gorgeous!

stitching aussie style said...

Hi Erin,
One could never be afraid of the dark after reading this!