Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to Margaritaville!

My needles were truly smoking this weekend! After many snafus and a Round Robin member who seems to have gone MIA, I finally received a Neighborhood RR piece to work on last week. (It was for Kathy, who asked for beachy/summer themes.) With the next mailing date being January 15, I really didn't think I'd get anything started, much less finished, in time....but lookie here!

I didn't put a lot in the square, and I hope that's OK with Kathy. I also didn't have a whole of lot of patterns in my stash to choose from that fit the bill! But the little hut and hammock are from "Sue Cook's Wonderful Cross Stitch Collection," a book I picked up on the bargain shelves at Barnes & Noble ages ago. The sun is from A Whimsical Element's "Sensational Summer" -- the heart design that I stitched up last year as a wedding gift. Oh, and I obviously used some hand-dyed flosses: The Dye is Cast's "Marigold" for the sun and Dinky Dyes' "Airlie" for the hammock.

This was so much fun to stitch....with the cold and gloomy weather this time of year brings to the northeast US, thinking about the beach was just what I needed! And as for the house...would I live in it?? Hmmmm. I think so....although I don't know how much wall space it would have to hang my cross stitch!! LOL

After dropping that off at the post office, I spent the rest of the weekend doing a bit of cleaning and laundry, playing Guitar Hero with DH, and stitching on the freebie design I posted last week. It is coming along nicely, and I'll try to have a picture of it finished soon. Oh, and I picked up a pattern or 2 on eBay...I'll share when they arrive!


Suz said...

I love your Margaritaville! I always liked the neighborhood RRs, but I'm never sure exactly how they work (or maybe I'm just nervous because I don't have houses to stitch ;) )

Congrats on the finish!

Maree said...

Cute finish!

Kathy A. said...

I am more than pleased Erin. It is just perfect. Filling an entire space does not always make a piece shine. I can see myself swinging in that hammock and lapping up the sun with a margarita in hand. Thank you very much.

Sharon said...

What an adorable finish! Great job!