Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh, how things change....

I was looking over my goals for last month, and chuckled when I saw that I had limited my projects because I was hoping for some job interviews. Well, I didn't get any of those.....but I DID get that positive home pregnancy test! Yikes.
While DH and I are both ok with becoming parents, the timing is a little scary. I mean, he graduates May 10, and my anticipated due date is May 18. Talk about stress. And something tells me this will probably be our only biological me, the world probably couldn't handle more than one combination of our freaky genes, anyway. hehe
So for now, life goes on as close to "normal" as it can be. I'm still hitting the gym a couple times a week, despite my doctor's silly advice about not elevating my heart rate. Now, I'm not being stupid and sprinting to the point of exhaustion, but at the same time, I don't feel good if I don't get some real exercise! Just walking doesn't do it for me. So I do what feels right....if it starts to hurt/get uncomfortable, I stop/back off a bit. I hate to admit it, but the cross-trainers have become my new friends (I used to consider them a cop-out for runners). And as a result, my blood sugar levels have been stellar - IMHO, anyway. For those of you who know anything about diabetes, I think I've only have 2 or 3 readings over 150 in the past 3 weeks, and most of my readings have been between 60 and 110. But damn, this is hard!

Now back to stitching.
1) Finish Lauren's RR square and get it in the mail to the next stitcher by 9/15. DONE.
2) Plan out the next RR square when the project arrives, possibly start stitching it. Square is laid out, and the first few stitches are in the fabric.
3) Keep going to the workbasket for more WIPs and UFOs. Maybe even finish one or 2! Worked on the Gaelic blessing and the little Santa ornament, and did a bit on my Dragon Virtues afghan. Plus I finished Just Nan's "Wintry Mix."
4) Possibly start an ornament or other small project. A lot depends on the job situation...I don't want to start something big and then have to pack it indefinitely. I started another small piece for my friend's baby, born September 23.

1) Keep working on Toni's Neighborhood RR square.
2) Join in the TW SAL over on The Wagon BB -- I'm going to dig out "Regal Peacocks." Small, but it IS a TW, and it DOES need to get finished!
3) Work on other WIPs as the urge strikes.
4) Work on - possibly finish - the baby gift for my friend.

They are modest goals, still, but I need some time for all that is happening in my life to sink, my mom will be coming out later this month for our annual scrapbooking day (an event held by the local scrap shop - lots of crazy fun, even if it isn't stitching-related!).


tkdchick said...

Congrats on becoming a Mom to be! I'm sure you'll do a GREAT job!

Good luck on your October goals!

Retta said...

Congratulations! :) May 18th is my second son's birthday, he'll be 10 this year.

Definitely take some time for yourself to reflect and let things sink in, but also to think about yourself and take care of yourself.

Casa Pearl said...

Congratulations Erin! Talk about life changing events - baby seem to have their own timing don't they? Take care of yourself.