Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rambling Wildflower Thoughts

No pics today, although I did pull Just Nan's "Wintry Mix" out of the workbasket for a bit last night. I love Just Nan designs, but for such small pieces they sure can take a loooong time to finish!!! It must be all those subtle color changes....they look gorgeous when done, but get so frustrating when you have to changes threads every couple stitches.

Kathy asked for a translation of the Celtic piece. Well, according to the website I got it from, it means "there's no hearth like your own hearth" -- or more loosely translated, "there's no place like home." However, since I don't speak Gaelic, it COULD say something like "may your potato fields lie fallow for generations," and I'd never know!! LOL I've actually been stalking eBay for some Celtic/knotwork fabric to make it into a pillow luck yet.

Lately I've just been consumed with finding a new job. There have been some staff changes at my current employer, and while they aren't terrible or anything, I'm just not feeling satisfied with my career options here. I mentioned possible interviews in my last post -- well, I've had 2 phone interviews, and am hoping to get an on-campus interview around the end of this month. My feet are getting itchy, I'm bored and frustrated and I feel like wandering....and now is actually not a bad time to indulge those cravings. At least I'm not buying stash, right?? (Although I had a cart over at SB&B this morning.....was one clicky-finger away from buying....but didn't. SamSarah's "I Will Always Be A Wildflower" was totally screaming my name, though.)


Mindi said...

Good luck with the job hunt!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Best of luck on the job hunt!

tkdchick said...

Best of luck with the job hunt!