Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A shower of April goals

But first, the March recap.
1) Wedding sampler? Or not??? We'll have to see how I feel! Yes, I did make some progress.
2) Work on the Mermaids again. I miss them. I think I got the girls out once last month....now I don't remember!
3) See what is in the WIP/UFO pile. I think I saw an old aida kit of a partially-finished teddy bear poking out from under the bed the other night.... Well, I FOUND the teddy bear kit, but I didn't STITCH him yet. But I did work on Just Nan's "Wintry Mix" quite a bit.
4) Try another ornament and/or something from the freebie collection (a smallish thing, in other words). Yep, I did the little "Golden Slumbers" baby door hanger (which I'm sending to a friend of ours who recently had an adorable little son!).

In addition to the "planned" goals, I also started the Gaelic Blessing freebie and finished Lanarte's Classic Woman into a little flanged pillow.

So March was a pretty good month for me, really...although it didn't feel that way! Writing out my goals and accomplishments is nice like that.

Onward to April:
1) WEDDING PIECE. Seriously. Crunch time is coming!
2) Make some decisions about my Neighborhood Round Robin square/project.
3) Continue working on the small projects I have started - they break up the knotwork monotony.....
4) Possibly another ornament or small project. The instant gratification is fun! And it gives me a chance to develop my finishing skills a bit.


Hazel said...

You did well on last months goals. I got to say I love how you finished the pillow below. Very talented.

tkdchick said...

Best of luck with your goals this month!