Saturday, April 28, 2007

I LURV my framer!

Earlier this month my mom and I dropped in at the LNS with some pieces to be framed (or in one case, reframed). Today I went to pick them up, and boy oh boy, are they ever gorgeous!!! So, without further ado, here they are.

First, the "Marsh Marigolds" that Mom had reframed. I stitched this several years ago and had it framed at Michael's...the job they did was less than stellar. The oval mat in a color that was too close to the fabric (blue fiddler's cloth aida) actually de-emphasized the stitching!


...and after:

The "Old Books Sampler" from the Cricket Collection (I really love this one!):

And finally, Something in Common's "Woodland Sampler." This one is DH's favorite...I tried to pick a mat and frame that would keep it from looking too "Christmas-y," so maybe some day he can hang it in his office (assuming he HAS one!). You can't exactly tell, but the frame reminds me of weathered fencing, which I thought was especially appropriate.

Other than picking up my framing, I was very good in the LNS...just picked up a pack of Mill Hill petites I needed for the knotwork piece (ugh, isn't it DONE yet??). That's not to say that I didn't fondle lots of things, but at least I didn't BUY them! Oh, but last night I picked up an issue of Cross Stitch Collection magazine, because it had a lovely Renaissance lady pattern in it. Of course it is by Joan Elliott, the designer of the evil knotwork... *sigh*

Speaking of the knotwork, I'd best stop typing/surfing and get back to it for a bit!


Christine said...

Wow, all of your framed pieces look great!! I agree that the framing of the Marigolds piece suits it much more now.

Chelle said...

The framing is all beautiful. The re-framing of the Marsh Marigolds piece is a real eye-opener.

Sharon said...

The framing looks great-the marigolds piece is really set off now with the different mats.

Carol said...

Nice!! They are all lovely!