Wednesday, January 03, 2007

mmmmm, stash.

I've decided that the little chickadee design SHOULD, in fact, count as a finish for the Multi Project Challenge....which means I've reached my goal of 10 finishes!! Woo-hoo!

I celebrated by hopping on over to Stitching Bits & Bobs last week and buying a few things. *grin* I was good, though....just 3 patterns and some silk floss that I need for the third (and as-yet-unstarted) wedding gift. I got:
- "Old Books" by the Cross-Eyed Cricket
- "Orange and Black," also from CEC
- Mirabilia's "The Scent of Old Roses" (Mom actually asked for a big piece that would go in her yellow guest bedroom, accessorized with florally-themed this could easily turn into a gift, when/if I finish it.)
- a skein of Dinky Dyes' "Kayla's Roses" in silk, for M Designs' Celtic Heart (the other wedding gift).

Then on Saturday I visited my LNS - I finally broke down and dropped off Just Nan's "Spring Peepers" for framing. It is a teeny little design, but it just makes me so.....happy. The name and all the little frogs remind me of my early childhood - we lived out in the country with a big pond behind our house, and I'll always remember the little peepers and big croaking daddy-bullfrogs. So I figured it was worth the cost of framing! (And wouldn't you know it, I picked the most expensive mat in the store....the brushed green velveteen/suede stuff, with a cherry & gold frame.....) Barb - the shop owner - was actually kind of friendly, so after I picked all the framing materials I decided to browse her 50%-off bins. I picked up:
- "Every Time....Hearts" by In A Gentle Fashion (I think I'll work it into a wedding piece for DH and I - I don't like the first one I did years ago)
- "Old Town Southwestern Sampler" by Cherished Needleart
- "The Princess and the Pea" by Cross-Eyed Cricket (not on sale, but I've had my eye on it for a while!)

I'll be re-joining the Challenge by 1/1/2007, though, since I MUST get these wedding gifts done. And I really enjoy the running count of inspires me to finish and show off more!! LOL

And Dani asked me to list "5 Things You Might Not Know About Me," so here goes.
1) I met my husband on-line. Not via a dating website, though....we were both blogging "before blogging was cool," and started out as anonymous commenters on each other's blogs!!
2) I played the oboe in high school and college, and I've played in the pit orchestra for several community theater shows.
3) I can be a bit of a fitness nut. I'm usually at the gym at least 3 nights a week.
4) I didn't have to borrow any money for college or grad school (so no loans to repay!).
5) I used to build dollhouses, and still have tons of kits, paints, and other miniature building necessities stashed in the basement.


Anonymous said...

Great stash Erin!! And congratulations in finishing your 10 projects!

I read your comment on my blog about the Vermillion pattern. I've seen your stitching, and you shouldn't be concerned about starting it at all! It will be a piece of cake for you. Trust me. :)

Anonymous said...

You're good, sticking to the challenge. I seem to wander off at every opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than stash! Enjoy!

Carol said...

Good move Erin! I heard him say last night that he was down to his last pair of Julias! Whew, glad you got yours!

Anonymous said...

Yay Spring Peepers! I have mine finished into a sudberry box :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the framing on your Spring Peepers.

Thanks for answering my question!!!