Friday, November 17, 2006

The quilt saga continues

So the "cuddly quilt kit" is no longer cuddly or fact, it is no more. I screwed it up royally, and since it was a kit, there wasn't any extra fabric to salvage the mess I had made. Hmmm. It COULD be a giant throw pillow now - yep, that's probably what I'll do with it. Hehehehe

But all is not lost!!! I learned so much, and now I want to try again. So last night I went to Jo-Anns and wandered through the fabric bolts, wondering what I could come up with. This is what I ended up with:

Now, my sister moved to NY (now NJ) with her dog - so I just couldn't resist the New York-themed fabric! I'm going to do 5 rows of 3 large blocks each, with the top, middle, and bottom rows going "NY-brown velveteen I found in my stash-NY." In between those will a row of "paws-NY-bones" and then a row of "bones-NY-paws." And then I have a limey green plush for the border.

I'm having so much more fun doing this "myself" -- even if the pattern isn't technically mine, it still feels like an original, where I'm free to improvise/change my mind/experiment. AND I'm doing it with quarter-inch seams.....except for the plush border. LOL

(repeating to self: "I'm a stitcher, not a quilter...I'm a stitcher, not a quilter....I'm a stitcher, not a quilter.......)


HasturTorres said...

The fabrics are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Addictive, isn't it? ;-)

You might find quarter inch seams easier if you put a piece of masking tape a quarter inch from where the needle goes in, and then line the edge of your fabric up with the tape.

Carol said...

Those are great fabrics! I look forward to seeing what you make for your sister with them!

Anonymous said...

You can do it! that first try was just a test run! I love the fabrics you picked out. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can do it Erin. What lovely fabrics.

Hugs xxxxxx