Monday, October 02, 2006

Scatterbrained Weekend

(at least as far as the stitching goes....)

Friday night....uhhh....I honestly don't remember what I worked on. Sheesh!

Saturday DH had an all-day class, so I had big plans. I was going to clean, do some laundry, possibly go shopping, make dinner.....yeah. I did toss a load of towels in the washer before I plopped on the couch to watch Harry Potter and stitch, at least. LOL I worked on the Mermaids for a while, but then I had to run to the grocery store to get dinner ingredients. I made a yummy potato-kielbasa soup -- DH has a weakness for potato soup in just about any form!

Yesterday DH had to watch some videotaped practice counseling sessions he did for class and transcribe them....he isn't much of a transcriptionist/typist, so it took him the better part of the day (plus the required Sunday afternoon nap, of course!). Despite the fact that the sessions were "practice", there are still privacy concerns to think about, so I was pretty much banished from the living room while he did that. Since the living room is my preferred stitching spot, I went to the basement and worked on my mom's scrapbook instead. When he was finished, we ate dinner ("peek-a-beans", my mom's famous beans-and-hamburg crockpot dinner!), and then I worked on Kaleidoscope Hearts while we watched The Amazing Race and then popped X2 in the DVD player. I did a bit of premature beading....hehehe. But that design is so teeny, it will be done in no time anyway!

Goal time.
September recap:
1) Work on the mermaids. Yep.
2) Work on the wedding piece. Yep - I did a bit on this when I was at my parents' place waaaay back at the beginning of the month.
3) Start (& finish?) another small design of some kind. Yep - 2, in fact! I did the Britty Kitty and the Halloween freebie. Plus I started a Sweetheart Tree Teenie Tweenie design ("Kaleidoscope Hearts").
4) Start the Homespun Elegance "Sisters" mini-sampler that I'd like to make into a potpourri sachet bag for my sister. Started and finished!
5) Back to the WIP pile, if I can stand it. Nope. Guess I couldn't stand it this month...

October goals:
1) Work on the mermaids.
2) Work on the wedding piece.
3) Finish "Kaleidoscope Hearts."
4) Decide on a wedding project for BIL and his fiancee. (Another 2007 wedding)
5) Another small project or WIP progress - whatever calls the loudest.
6) Do an ornie - from this year's JCS issue or elsewhere.

I must say, the Multi-Project Challenge has really got me motivated. I had so much fun with the little projects I finished this month! Of course, I shouldn't neglect the big stuff (like the mermaids) just for instant gratification......

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Anonymous said...

I think you did pretty good. I hope your October goals work out okay.