Friday, October 13, 2006

Ack! Where did the week go??

Oh, I don't know what happened to me this week! I've barely stitched at all.....I keep meaning to stop by Silkweaver and pick up a piece of the Tanzanite linen (the weekly special) but so far I've forgotten every day....sheesh.

Mom is arriving this evening for tomorrow's scrapbooking event. I've sorted and packed all of scrapbooking goodies - and hidden the "Mom & Me" book that will be her Christmas gift! - and gone through my pictures. Sadly, I only have about 4 pages worth of pictures to play with. *pout* We just didn't have the time or $$$ to do much this past year...and what we did do, we didn't take many pictures of. So I'm thinking that perhaps I'll start a scrapbook of my stitching. Yep, I'm crazy. But I already keep photos of my finished projects, along with designer/fabric/changes I've made, in a small photo album. It would be simple enough to design an "info" template, and then make some quick and interesting pages.....
I also put the Spooky Friends pillow into a gift basket for Mom - filled with raffia straw and silk leaves (leftover wedding decorations I found while cleaning! hehehe), a bag of candy corn and mallo-creme pumpkins, and a gel candle that LOOKS like it is full of candy corn. Very trick-or-treaty. It is sitting beside the bed in the spare room! And Mom doesn't need to know that part of why she is getting it is because I'm planning ahead, in hopes of getting the job in NH and needing to move...I don't want the basket, but can't bring myself to throw it away. LOL!

I still need to send out a little giftie to a fellow Wagoneer & her daughter - Jenn, if you read this, I didn't forget about you - and I'm waiting for 2 of my auctions to end on eBay so I know if I need to pack up some things. (And dang, it is tough to sell on eBay when you don't have a PayPal merchant account - but I only list about 6 things per year, and I use PayPal for other things that I don't want service charges attached to...)

OK, I've got to get some work done. I'll close by answering the SBQ:
As we all know, stitching in the winter can really be rough on the hands. What do you do to treat your hands well in the cold winter months? Do you have any suggestions for creams or soaps? Or perhaps a special regimen that you would like to share?

I tend to have dry hands year-round -- a side effect of diabetes, perhaps (so my doctor says). I use various lotions all the time, but I don't really have a special "stitching" lotion. I'm just careful not to stitch immediately after applying anything! In the winter, I tend to have better luck with dryness if I can keep my hands WARM, so it will soon be time for me to break out the mittens whenever I go outside (gloves don't do it for me). I'm actually going to ask my mom to knit me some little wristlets that I've seen online to use when I stitch, since we keep our thermostat so low! They obviously won't keep my fingers warm, but they might help.


Meari said...

I know what you mean about the Paypal merchant acct. I don't sell enough stuff to warrant having one either, so I use my brother's account and then I transfer the $ from his account to mine.

The gift basket for your mom sounds very cute. I'm sure she'll love it!

Jenn said...

I know what you mean about vanishing weeks... I feel like I've spent all of mine locked up in the server room.

And Missy has no clue that something's coming, so no worries there. She's going to absolutely LOVE you!

Anonymous said...

The days just fly by!
The gift basket for your mom sounds awesome. I know she will love it!
As for dry hands. Well, I have dry skin period. Especially my legs, feet and hands. I use mineral oil gel in the bath and Gold Bond medicated lotion afterwards. Works best for me.

Karin said...

The basket sounds awesome! Best wishes for the job search and the potential move!