Thursday, September 07, 2006

Needing a Jump-Start....

*sigh* I just haven't been in the mood to stitch much lately. Not sure why.....although the scrapbook for my mom has really been at the top of my "craft priority" list. I'm a little more than halfway finished with it, I think, although I keep adding ideas!

We spent Labor Day weekend at my parents' place, visiting with my sister before she moves to New Jersey. Now, if she could just get a JOB....

Well, despite my slacking, here is a recap and some goals for September.
August recap:
1) Finish the garden verse for my sister, including a border which I'll have to chart myself. Done.
2) Work on the wedding piece. I *think* I did...I don't really remember!
3) Work on the mermaids. Yep.
4) Dive into the WIP/UFO bin again - who knows what I'll find, but I WILL find something "abandoned" to rescue for a while! Yes - TW's "Regal Peacocks" made an appearance toward the end of the month.
5) Start something small - an ornie, Just Nan square, something of that size. I started AND finished the little Shepherd's Bush Santa.

September goals:
1) Work on the mermaids.
2) Work on the wedding piece.
3) Start (& finish?) another small design of some kind.
4) Start the Homespun Elegance "Sisters" mini-sampler that I'd like to make into a potpourri sachet bag for my sister.
5) Back to the WIP pile, if I can stand it.

DH and I have done a finance check, and are coming to the realization that with 3 weddings we have to travel for next year, our Christmas is going to be pretty thin. So I'm going with the stitched/homemade gifts as much as possible...although those sometimes end up costing just as much, if not more, than purchased things. *sigh* But Mom will get the scrapbook, my sis will (hopefully!) get the potpourri sachet & maybe a gift certificate or something, and Dad....hmmm. My crafting skills don't extend to his areas of interest -- this could be a challenge....

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lot going in August. Sometimes I don't touch my stitching very much. Just need a break now and again.Michelle-ozark crafter