Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wondering through Wednesday

Question #1 (a whiney climate rant) - It is 90 degrees outside. WHY do I need to have a space heater running in my office? (And it doesn't help that I walk to/from work, so I usually dress for the Amazonian-like heat and humidity. All well and good, except that my office climate is closer to Arctic.)

Question #2 (pertaining to finances and the like) - Should I apply for a new job? It is in NH - how does the cost of living compare? Here in northwest PA, we were able to buy a 3 bedroom, 1400 sq. ft. house on a corner lot with a garage in a decent neighborhood for around 85k 3 years ago. Prices in our neighborhood now seem to have jumped about 10-15k, but are still pretty affordable on a librarian's salary. Is that even remotely possible in NH (or anywhere else in the country, for that matter)?

Question #3 (finally, stitching-related) - How should I do the beading on Mermaids of the Deep Blue? I know I that I should/will wait until all of the stitching is done....but since there are beads EVERYWHERE in this piece, I'll have to have some of the beads rolled on my scroll frame at some point. Or should I bead in-hand? I don't LIKE to stitch in-hand. And why does Nora say to attach the beads with just one strand of floss? Will using 2 - which I feel keeps the beads anchored more securely - make it look too crowded?

Question #4 (a whiney, stitching-related rant) - Why don't I have more time to STITCH?!?!? LOL


Kim said...

In regards to Q#1 I can relate. It's blistering hot outside, but like a meat locker in our offices. My suggestion would be keep a sweater (or two) at the office. :D

I have no suggestions for Q#2, except to say that it sounds like your housing is pretty well priced. :) I live in the Plains and you'd think housing would be inexpensive, but it's not. I couldn't touch a house like yours for less than $125,000 -$150,000

And I think we all wish we had more time for stitching. In my perfect world there would always be time for everything and I would never be tired even on little to no sleep. ;)

Karen said...

I can't help you with NH, but I can tell you not to move to my neck of the woods! A house like yours would be somewhere around $400,000 here. It's insane! I really think it depends where in any given state you live. Here in New York, prices go from ridiculously high to very reasonable, depending on where you are. Have you tried looking at some NH real estate online? It's always a good place to start for ideas.

catandturtle said...

I live in NH and I love it here. I have been a New England resident my entire life; born in Mass, grew up in CT and have lived in NH for the past 16 years. I can't imagine living anywhere else. I am less than an hour form the mountains, beaches, maine and vermont. It's a wonderful place to live. Now that I have said that...onto the cost.

NH is not that bad. There is no sales tax which is awesome. The property taxes are high though. I live in a townhouse (condo) and bought it for $113,000. However, they are now selling for $135 - $145,000. Housing is pricing. To buy what you have in PA up in NH would probably run you a minimum of $200,000. It does depend on the town too. If I can answer any other questions about NH for you, please let me know. Ann.

Singular Stitches said...

Try a cost of living calculator:

I think New England, in general, has a higher cost of living than PA...

Good luck!

Jenn said...

Your office sounds like mine... I've gotten used to carrying layers with me on the train and leaving an extra sweater or blazer at the office. it's bad when the goosebumps have goosebumps and I can't type straight cause the fingers have gone numb!!

And as for the beads, I'm beading as I go on Lady of the Flag. I've cut lengths of quilt batting that I use to pad the stitched areas and protect the beads from being crushed. And I'm also using two strands instead of one as prescribed, and I don't see any problems.

dleighb (Dana) said...

#1) My office is the same way. I carry a coat to work in the summer so I can stay warm. Periodically, I'll walk around the building outside in over 100 degree temps just to thaw out. It's ridiculous.

#3) I beaded as I went on Mirabilia's Seasonal Queens. I worked on a scroll frame and put a couple layers of quilt batting down as I scrolled up into the beads. I attached using two strands of invisible thread (with the loop start method). I was on 32 ct fabric, so I made a + through the center of the beads to create a slant of the bead. Going up and down wouldn't fit on the larger beads and smaller count fabric. Then, on areas where there were definite curves or straight lines, I ran a running stitch through the center of the beads to help line them up. So, essentially, some of my beads are attached with six strands of invisible thread. They should last for many, many, many years!

Darla said...

Since you're working on a scroll frame, bead as you go and soften the scrolled up parts with some batting or old towel or something. And attach your beads however you like to attach them.

Lana said...

Question four got a giggle out of me! i know what you mean! life has a way of stealing those precious moments of stitching time, doesn't it? hang in there!