Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday Babble

Last night I started "Mermaids of the Deep Blue" - right now it is just an elbow, so no pics yet. Before I started I had to make a run to A.C. Moore for a few flosses, and I picked up a cheap little spiral-bound journal to keep by my stitching spot. I'm going to try to keep better records, just to satisfy my own curiousity about how much I stitch and how long it takes me to finish, and what I learn while doing it! But don't worry, it won't replace the blog. I love sharing with you all!

Thanks for the compliments - here and on the boards - on the Woodland Sampler. I think it is funny that so many people love the little skunks....that is the one part of the sampler that my mother DIDN'T like! LOL (I think they are cute, too.) Maybe when I go to pick up "Once Upon a Time," I'll take the sampler in for framing......

Oh, and I got stash from eBay yesterday! I don't have my own pictures, but here is what I got:
- Homespun Elegance's "Sisters" mini sampler. I'm planning to stitch this and finish it as a little potpourri sachet bag for - go figure - my sister.


- "The Embroiderer" by Eventide Designs. (I keep searching eBay for the little Iowa sampler by Eventide, but I haven't found it yet.) This just feeds my new interest in band samplers.....


(All images from Flickr today....Blogger doesn't seem to be behaving properly.) And I got St. Peter's Fair on Friday, as well. Ah, stash!

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Kathy (StitchinKat) said...

Erin, I have the Iowa sampler, which I found at a CATS booth...do you want me to look for it at Hershey for you? I'm not sure I am willing to part with mine yet, as DH has several Iowa relatives!

-Kathy (StitchinKat)