Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Clicky finger on the loose again


I TRIED to be good....I really did.... But Stitching Bits and Bobs is having another 25% off sale.....

And what did I walk away with?
- Just Nan's "Winter in the Square" - I want this whole series, I already picked up the Spring square at my LNS, and for 25% off, I didn't see a reason to resist.
- My Mark's "Never For Granted." I fully intend to stitch and frame this for DH. I love it (but I might change the colors a bit....make it more "manly"....).

- "Medieval Pleasance," a Textile Heritage kit. I can't find a pic, but it is a tapestry-style square with a unicorn in the center and a medieval border of flowers and other animals as corner motifs.
- Something in Common's "Quiet Serenity". I seem to have a weakness for these kinds of designs...I love "woodsy" stuff.

- And finally, a pack of Piecemakers needles. I forgot to get some at the LNS the other day.

So there you have it, the extent of my stashy naughtiness. Oh, and I'm having it all shipped to me at work, so I don't have to show DH if I don't feel like it..... ::evil grin:: (Not that he'd really care, but I sometimes feel guilty bringing more stash home. I can see the wheels in his head...."doesn't she HAVE piles of this stuff already?!?!?")

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Heather said...

You'll love winter in the square, the detail in that charm is amazing.