Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pictures, Goals, and other Ramblings

First, the latest progress pics.
Celtic Bonding Spiral: This isn't the best picture ever, but you get the idea. (I think I was a bit too close to get a nice clear shot....)

And Lanarte's Classic Woman. (Again with the so-so pic.)

I neglected to set any goals for March, so to recap what I did - not much! The only actual stitching that I accomplished was the little sachet I posted below. I DID, however, have fun learning how to use my sewing machine and putting together some finishing, and I got to the LNS to have the bear birth announcement framed. April may be a bit of a wash as well, since my mother-in-law and her husband will be visiting over Easter weekend, and DH's brother is coming out the following week. Ack!

Anyway, some modest April goals -
1) finish the Bonding Spiral.
2) if not finish, make some significant progress on the Classic Woman.
3) a small start, perhaps? I have a Sweetheart Tree Teenie Tweenie kitted up, and also the Just Nan heart design from the Feb. 2005 issue of Just Cross Stitch.....
4) if #s 1 & 2 are accomplished, I will *gasp* put in a few stitches on Once Upon a Time.

And finally, my gift-giving experience with the potpourri sachet. I popped it in a pretty gift bag along with a Victoria's Secret gift certificate. The bride-to-be was doing the gift-opening, and when she got to mine she said, "ooo, is it a cat toy?!?!?" I about strangled her. So I said (ok, yelled across the party room), "no, it is a sachet for your lingerie drawer...." And as I was leaving I reminded her not to let the cat get it. She replied, "I know, I know, it is an air freshener!" *banging head on desk* Whatever. I seem to need these reminders every so often -- DON'T STITCH FOR PEOPLE IF YOU AREN'T SURE THEY'LL APPRECIATE IT. Ah well. Back to stitching for ME, right?!?!?


Heather said...

Your celtic spiral is stunning. Classic woman is coming along really nicely.

Kim said...

Both of those look great! I love the colors of the celtic spiral! Very pretty. :D

Carol said...

Oh no, the unappreciated stitched gift - not fun at all! I feel for you!!

meg said...

I really like the Celtic Bonding Spiral. Those colors really pop! Can't wait to see it complete! :)

Sorry to hear about the gift giving experience. It's a shame too, because the sachet/needleroll is really quite lovely.

Singular Stitches said...

Too bad about the sachet. Stitching for others can be like Russion Roulet.

I like the celtic bonding spiral. I have a tatoo that reminds me a lot of it. it is a celtic knot made up of three intertwined cats. (Unfortunately, when I answer 'What's your tatoo?', I get strange looks, like I might be wrong or something... :o)