Thursday, March 30, 2006

Speed Finishing

Well, I started the little gift for my friend's bridal shower on Saturday...and tonight I finished it!!! And not just the stitching, it is completely FINISHED!! Now I just need to get to Victoria's Secret for a gift certificate, and maybe a little something else or two.

I used a combination of finishing least, they were all new to me (I've never really "lined" anything, or made a needleroll)! I was originally going to use Dani's "lined bag" tutorial, but then decided I didn't have quite enough fabric. So. First I pulled some horizontal threads so I would have a place to thread the ribbon through later. Then I sewed a red lining fabric at the top and bottom, turned everything rightside out and pressed it. I folded it in half and sewed everything together length-wise, and turned it rightside out again (to make my little tube). I threaded and tightened the ribbon at the top, then put a plastic baggie inside and filled it with "Ocean Breeze" potpourri. (I figured using a baggie means that if the smell fades or if she doesn't like it, it will be easy enough to change.) I tied the baggie shut and stuffed it up into the tube, then threaded the bottom ribbon and tied it, too. Ta-da!! A lined potpourri roll for the lingerie drawer. Yay!!! (Now I want one for myself. hehehe)


Kim said...

That turned out great! Fantastic job, I can see why you want one for yourself. :D

Have a great weekend!

Singular Stitches said...

How pretty!!! She'll love it! Very pretty.

tkdchick said...

Well done!!!! I sometimes combine techniques to get the desired finish I want!