Friday, March 10, 2006


Thanks for all the comments & compliments on the basement! I'm so happy with it....but lately I've been spending more time down there organizing and planning than actually crafting...hmmm. Maybe that will change this weekend? We'll see.

I'm just feeling rather "blah" lately -- nothing sounds very interesting. And (sorry if this is TMI) I think my poor hubby is feeling the effects now. He came back from his great-grandmother's funeral last Saturday night, and we've not spent any intimate time together all week. *sigh* I feel bad....but I'm just not interested.... what a dilemma.

As for stitching, nothing is jumping out at me in that area right now either. I want to finish something, but I don't have anything close to that stage, so rather than work on a WIP/UFO or start something new, I just don't stitch. So I don't get any closer to finishing anything! Terrible, I know. I DID jump into the Lanarte "Classic Woman" pattern (stock photo on the left) that Gill from The Wagon sent me -- I'm using a piece of Zweigart printed fabric that I acquired on eBay a loooong time ago. It seems a bit lighter than the piece in the original kit, but it is working ok, I think. I'll try to post a progress picture soon. I keep getting ideas for things I want to start (I keep scoping out fabbies for the sampler on the cover of the March issue of The Gift of Stitching, for one!), but I'm just not motivated to DO anything. We'll see....hopefully the weekend will give me a chance to get some things taken care of around the house and "recharge" a bit.....


Von said...

We all go through periods of not feeling like stitching,Erin. The seasons are changing and other kinds of projects are calling. :D You'll find your stride again!!

tkdchick said...

Erin I totally understand those blahs even the amazing Moi gets them!

Hope you have some time with DH this happens to Todd and I sometimes its like ships passing in the night.