Friday, February 03, 2006

January Recap, February Goals

I just realized I forgot to do this....

1) Participate in the Mirabilia/L&L SAL, and make some progress on Once Upon a Time. Yes - at least a little bit. I'm beginning to think that SALs aren't the best way to keep myself motivated, though. Especially not "long-term" ones like that.... <:(
2) Make progress on T's baby announcement. Even better - I FINISHED it!!
3) Stay out of the LNS!!! Once the baby announcement is finished, I'll take it in for framing, and perhaps grant myself a bit of "reward" shopping....but not until then!! Well...I did NOT go the LNS. So technically I achieved this goal.....but....I DID go to the closing sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics (twice) and spent entirely too much money. Eh.


1) Get new knobs for my scroll frames. Many of the ones I have are stripped, and don't hold my fabbies tight enough. (This is part of the reason why I don't like working on OUAT.)
2) Finish "EduCATed" and/or "Bonding." (I'll post progress pics this weekend!)
3) Take finished Baileigh-Bear to LNS for framing.....pick up a few things for RAKs.....maybe grant myself a treat or two.... :D
4) Pray for decent weather so Mom can come out and help me get started with the sewing machine.

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