Monday, February 13, 2006

Back.....but buried

We got back last night from our "weekend getaway" to Niagara Falls.....we had a great time! But now all the unfinished weekend chores are gnawing at me. Laundry, vacuuming, general decluttering -- all undone. Ugh. I love our weekend trips, but at the same time I wish they were followed by a week (or at least a few days) of time I could spend at home cleaning.

Anyway. We stayed at a little bed-and-breakfast on the Canadian side of the falls - very cute. Finding it on Friday night was VERY frustrating, though! The inn owner's directions were horrible. We were on the right road, going in the right direction, but because the section we were on had a different name than she told us it would, we got a bit confused. Then we called her for help, and SHE wasn't sure where we were! It was bizarre.

Saturday we went to Niagara-on-the-Lake and wandered through a few shops - didn't buy anything, though. Then we stopped at the Butterfly Conservatory, which was absolutely breathtaking! Tonight I'll try to upload some of the pics I took. My digital camera really proved its' worth in there....I ran right out to the Kodak print station after we were done with the tour and made a print or 2 (just to see what the print quality was like....). Gorgeous! And Josh ate bugs....they had a food demonstration set up with locust salsa and hornet honey ice cream. I was not so brave!
After the pretty flutterbys, Josh wanted to visit the Ripley's museum. I caved. It wasn't exactly my thing, and afterwards we both agreed it wasn't quite worth the price of admission. But it was interesting, moderately creepy, and there were some fun hands-on experiments at the end that we played with for a while. (Memory games, optical illusion stuff.)
Finally we headed to the observation deck of the Skylon Tower, where it was very cold and very.....well......gray. I took a shot or 2 of the falls from up there, and pics of both of us to prove we were there.
We really wanted to go to a local place for dinner. Josh's first pick was the "Flying Saucer Restaurant" - yeah, it turned out to be a crummy little diner shaped like a giant hubcap. Ick. Kitschy, but definitely not a place for a good dinner (unless you only wanted a hotdog and milkshake). So we headed out of town to "Betty's", which was basically a local version of Perkins/Denny's/family-style menu stuff. But very good! And we felt satisfied that we hadn't taken the familiar way out and gone to Applebee's or Pizza Hut.

We got home yesterday afternoon, and picked up our pup from the kennel where we boarded her. She seems to have a bit of a head cold.....she sneezed on my slippers last night. Ew. Hopefully she'll feel better soon.

I DID stitch over the weekend - I took my Celtic spiral pattern with me, and since my body once again decided to sabotage any "romantic" activities (grrrrr...I swear I counted everything out on the calendar back when I planned this, and this weekend SHOULD have been free and clear.....), I stitched a bit Saturday evening. I swear, one day I'm just going to flood this blog with all kinds of pictures!

OK, I'm off to cruise websites for the Nashville releases, and update my wish lists...... Happy Monday, all!


Jenn said...

It sounds like you had a very relaxing weekend and a lot of fun. Your Celtic Spiral sounds interesting. I'm always interested in stitching Irish/Celtic patterns.

Patti said...

Glad you had a good trip! Hope your pupster is feeling better.