Tuesday, January 10, 2006

HDs, WIPs, and S.E.X.!

(Grrrr. I tried to post this once already today, but apparently the disk I saved the pics to last night has some issues....crashed the whole shebang. Argh.)

Thanks for all the encouragement regarding the sewing machine. I'm really looking forward to not hand-sewing everything! And even before I read all your comments, I headed to Wal-mart last night and picked up a Fiskars rotary cutter and mat. Nothing fancy, and very affordable (about $10, I think). I also got some fabric for my latest HD - the little Popcorn Bear kit that I got in a British mag a while back. Bears aren't my usual thing (on aida, no less), but he was just too cute! I left off the pattern's border, and I think I will finish it as a teenie pillow using Dani's instructions. The dark brown fabric will "frame" the stitching, and I'll use the lighter brown - a faux suede, very nice - for the edge and back. Mom has promised to come out and help me get started with the machine...maybe this will be my first project? The aida should make it easier for me to tell if I'm sewing straight.....

I was going to post a progress pic of the birth announcement "Booby Bear" (DH's unfortunate nickname for her!) here, but evidently that was the corrupted file on the disk. I'll have to take another pic tonight. She now has the beginnings of a hat and is looking very cute.

And yesterday when I got home, there was stash waiting!! Always a good thing on a Monday.

I got the Celtic Inspiration patterns, the Sweetheart Tree "Kaleidoscope Hearts," and the DMC UK pattern "Harvest Festival." I'm really taken with the DMC pattern -- but it is HUGE! On 28-ct, it will be 16" x 20". Yowza. It is right up my alley, though, with the medieval-ness and all. And look, no fairy wings!!! (Amzing how hard it can be sometimes to find moderately romantic/historical stuff to stitch without angel/fairy accoutrements.....)


Kim said...

Love the popcorn bear! Your border fabric looks great for it and the coordinating fabrics sound perfect! What a great starter project.

I didn't realize that Walmart had rotary cutters that cheap, will have to check this out. :D

Great stash too! Good luck on the sewing!

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

The popcorn bear is great! Good luck with the pillow finishing. I'm sure you won't have any trouble-- Dani's instructions are very clear, and there's nothing easier than a straight seam.

Glad you mentioned the rotary cutter-- I'm going to have to pick one of those up for myself!

Von said...

Great start, Erin!! You've got supplies and a plan :) One more thing I'd suggest is one of those great acrylic rulers quilters use with the rotary cutter. I have one that's about 4-5 inches wide by 18 inches long - wonderful for cutting strips :)

tkdchick said...

Good luck with your first go with a sewing machine I wish you lots of finishing success.

Great S.E.X!!!!

AnneS said...

Your popcorn bear looks gorgeous, and will look stunning if the picture in my head matches your description correctly ;) Good luck with taming that machine :)

Jenn said...

Popcorn looks so cute. I have this pattern in my stash to do and now that I've seen him finished I may have to move him up in my small pattern rotation. I can't wait to see how the pillow you want to finish him into comes out.