Friday, December 09, 2005

Well, at least the shopping is done.

So I didn't stitch at ALL last night. *sigh* DH and I ended up running out to grab sandwiches for dinner and finish up some shopping. Oh well. It was still good to break up the routine and get some holiday tasks finished....I've purchased the majority of my gifts now. I might still pick up some "little things" here and there, but no more stressing about what to get anyone as a "main" gift.

Today I smuggled a few of my magazines & patterns in to work so I can use the office copier to make working copies of a couple things. I finally copied the little bear pattern for my friend's baby, and this afternoon after the secretary leaves I'll copy the Britty Kitty ornament pattern. *grin* I'm such a rebel.

Tonight I WILL go to the gym. After my swim, it will be time to crash at home with DH, maybe watch a movie or a couple episodes of Smallville on DVD....and stitch! Mmmmmm. Have a lovely weekend, all!


Kim said...

Photocopying at work! (gasp) LOL Well, we just won't tell anybody, will we. ;p I'm with you about watching a couple of movies and zoning out tonite! Great plan! Have a good weekend! :D

AnneS said...

As for me, you'd never catch me watching DVD's and stitching ... LOL - I personally think it's the most relaxing and enjoyable way to stitch ... enjoy your down time :))