Monday, December 05, 2005

Final goals of 2005 & a little magic

Wow, I can't believe it is December already! But at least most of my Christmas shopping is already finished, so I can cross that off the monthly to-do list.....

Without further ado, it is time to recap the November goals.
1) Once Upon a Time - finish the blues in the front of the maiden's skirt. YES
2) finish "A Time to Sing." YES
3) pick a travel project to take to Iowa for our Thanksgiving trip. I didn't actually STITCH much while traveling, but I DID take a project...
4) possibly start something else new? I'm not sure what, but so much of my stash has been screaming lately..... I started Dragon Dreams' "Night Wizard," and that was also my travel project.

1) Finish "Night Wizard."
2) Put in some time on at least one of the following -- "Once Upon a Time," the Dragon Virtues afghan, and/or the love poem I started for my sister a looong time ago (she has a possibly-serious boyfriend now!).
3) Start an ornament - I have most of the materials for the Britty Kitty ornie from the 2005 JCS issue.

I'm hesitant to be any more ambitious than this, mostly because I don't know how much time I'll have for stitching this month. As of right now, the college schedule gives us the Monday and Tuesday after Christmas off (since we would normally get Christmas Eve and Day off, and those fall on Saturday and Sunday this year), and that Thursday and Friday off for New Year's (same logic). So they actually expect us to come in on Wednesday.....ugh. I *could* use my vacation time, but I only get 10 days/year.... *sigh*

So, here is my little wizard!
I've made a few changes - as usual! I added a title to the book (DH's request), used blending filament in the light purple "cuffs" of his robe and hat brim, and stitched the little dragon's dark green ridges with Kreinik green metallic braid. Don't mind the hoop marks.....


Kim said...

Your wizard is looking good! I have that pattern and want to stitch it "someday"... Can't wait to see him finished. :D

Carol said...

What a great start on your Night Wizard! I sure look forward to seeing more of him :-)

AnneS said...

Wizard looks fantastic - can't wait to see him all finished ... that little dragon is too cute too! I have this chart printed off, but it's so nice to see it stitched :) Way to go!!