Monday, September 26, 2005

Storing/Saving Magazine Patterns?

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my stash of magazines. I have too many!! I was thinking about getting 3-ring binders and those clear sleeve-pages, then tearing out the patterns I like from each magazine and tossing the rest. The librarian and historian in me isn't sure about that,though....I mean, what if I NEED a pattern with chickens and cows someday? Or what if I want to unload my stash on eBay - who wants to buy individual magazine pages? Erk.

I spent my weekend working on the Peepers. They should be done soon! I must confess to some "premature beading," though! I just had to see what the beads would look like. I'm using the regular seed beads instead of the petites -- basically because I didn't have a beading needle and my size 28 wouldn't fit through them. But they look great!

I also got my fabbie from Silkweavers. Yay!! It is so purty...... Oh, and I entered my "Fire and Ice" dragons in the Silkweaver Showcase. I wonder if I am the only one who is peeved that a Mira "Petal Fairy" is entered in the "Small" category because the submitter didn't include the stitch count. I mean, there are at least a few other Petal Fairies listed in the large category....even if the stitcher was stupid, you'd think the smart folks at Silkeaver would have caught that one.......


Darla said...

Erin, I finally went through all the magazines that were salvageable (don't ask about cats my brother owned!), kept any charts I'd be interested in, and passed the magazines on to my niece and her daughters to go through. It felt good!

Patti said...

Erin, Peepers looks great - the backstitched frogs are way cool. Good luck with your entry at Silkweavers and I agree about the Petal Fairy being large - hello.... We shall see on that one.