Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Peeper Progress

As pennance for my earlier purchasing badness, I'm now posting a progress pic of Just Nan's "Spring Peepers." I was, however, still naughty...the specialty stitches are supposed to be done last, but I just had to see how the little backstitched frog would look in green instead of gold! And since the design is small enough that nothing will get handled or squashed, and no other stitches touch this area, I figure I'm okay!

The fabric I'm using is a 28-ct. end cut of...something....that I picked up at my LNS a while back. It is labeled "tile blue", but as far as I can tell only aida comes in that shade. Hmmmm. I really like this design, though...and now that one of the little frogs is on there, it makes me giggle every time I get it out to look at/stitch!! I think the switch from gold to green was a good one, too. He is much cuter and sparklier in real life!


Isabelle said...

Aww that's a cute frog. Looking good Erin!

Measi said...

Love that little frog. :)

And definitely wishing you good luck on resisting the urge to buy more stash. :)

tkdchick said...

I think that's going to look great!

Lelia said...

Good choice for the frog. It came out so nice when complete. Good luck staying on the wagon. It is so easy to jump off the no-spending wagon every time I see a kewl project on a blog ; )