Monday, September 19, 2005

The mail is here! The mail is here!

Yay, I got my order from Stitching Bits and Bobs today! Mmmm, more new patterns.... *drool* But now, NO MORE. I'm done buying until...uhh......well, at least after Christmas, I'm thinking. The only stitching money I'll be spending will be for floss - DMC, so it shouldn't be TOO much. I definitely have enough fabric and patterns to get me through a few months!!! (Although passing up pretty hand-dyeds selling for a song on eBay can be so hard....ack!)

Last night I started "Spring Peepers". I need 2 floss colors, but I started with the ones I had. I got a little bit of the center done, and it is just so cute! I'm debating whether to do the backstitched frogs in green metallic instead of gold..... I'm already using a different frog charm - the Just Nan charms are SO expensive, and my LNS had one that was close in size for $1.

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